Stylish Touch Screen LED Designer Watch

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This watch was primarily designed with an European flair. The first thing you notice when you see it is its elegant design with the leather band, the stainless steel case and the light that is discreet. With a closer look, you will see its subtle pattern: a tree splitting the screen into two parts.

Several features have been included in this watch to make it up-to-date with the latest technologies. Time is displayed in a new way: hour is indicated by a flashing blue light, whereas, minutes appear through a line of blue LEDs. It is also power-saving since time shows up only when you touch the screen. In order to make your life easier, a mode that automatically tells you the time every 30 minutes is available and very simple to set!

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This is an inspired blue LED digital touch screen watch that is very popular all around the world. It is very attractive with its modern design. It would match all of your dressing styles perfectly. Gently touch the touch screen to display the time on demand. Specifications: Main Function: Japanese-inspired blue LED digital touch screen watch. Function Button (Touch screen): display and changing hour and minute data. Settings: Hours, Minutes.


-Touch screen LED Watch
-The flashing LED displays hours.
-Cool All-Black Design.
-Strap material: PU polystyrene (similar hard plastic material).
-Surface size: 4.3 cm/1.69 " dial. Strap width: 2 cm/0.78 " Strap length:18 cm/7.08 "

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Stylish Touch Screen LED Designer Watch .

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